Paiute ATVTrail, 1,000s of Miles to Ride

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The Paiute trail is a 238 mile loop over three mountain ranges and through rugged canyons and deserts that has been designed for recreational riding. It is located in central Utah near the junction of Interstate Highways 15 and 70. Most of the trail is located in the beautiful Fishlake National Forest, while lower elevation portions are over lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management. From the Paiute Trail there are numerous side trips leading to spectacular scenary, fishing opportunities, or into surrounding towns for supplies, lodging or fuel combined there are over 2,000 miles of open roads and trails available for ATVs and UTVs.

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The Tushar Mountains, the remains of an ancient volcano, rise above the timberline 12,000 feet. Mountain goats live on the rocky crags and may be seen by a watchful rider. The trail runs through the Kimberly ghost town where 2,000 gold miners worked the hills around the turn of the century. A side trip can be taken down to Piute Reservoir State Park. Several overlooks along the trail afford spectacular views.

Monroe Mountain features a mix of large meadows, aspen, and spruce forest that is unsurpassed for fall colors. Two overlooks at Monroe Peak and Marysvale Peak provide views of the Tushar and the Sevier Valley. Visit Koosharem Guard Station, an historic site occupied by early day rangers which has been restored and is open to the public. A magnificent trophy elk herd is also found on the mountain. A short side trip leads to Otter Creek Reservoir State Park.

The trail over the Pahvant Range climbs through rugged terrain to the summit where the rider is provided overlooks of red rock and steep timbered canyons. Connecting loops can be taken into towns below. The trail drops off the south end of the Pahvant Range into Fremont Indian State Park.

Their are several place to see Petroglyphs on the trail. The Paiute Trail marker is taken from a pictograph discovered in a local canyon of the Sevier Valley. Pictographs, which are painted on rock, and petroglyphs, etched in rock, are common in this area from the prehistoric inhabitants of this region. To see Indian drawings and to learn about these people, visit the Fremont Indian State Park in Clear Creek Canyon.

The twisting canyons and foothills through public lands offer several outstanding play areas for ATVs and UTVs. On the east, the trail passes near Koosharem Reservoir, a popular fishing spot. At the south end, the trail passes near the birthplace of Butch Cassidy, a famous outlaw at the turn of the century.